"How Systemic Thinking Can Change Our World" - Femtastic

I am so excited to talk about systemic change on the Femtastic podcast with Katie Breen.


Katie interviews Nilima Achwal, a leader in systemic thinking for social change. They discuss what the social enterprise sector is getting wrong, how social media and cultural phenomena like #MeToo play a role in changing the world, and how "systemic change" thinking can be applied to create large-scale, transformative social change. In the discussion, Nilima describes the cultural impetus behind her founding of Iesha Learning, the first comprehensive gender and sexuality education program in India. The program, which reached 15,000 classrooms across India, sought to address taboos surrounding gender, menstruation, and sex. Nilima explains the incredible impact of the program, and why the approach of Iesha Learning ultimately did not go far enough to create broad change in the context of gender in India. She provides recommendations for how cultural change initiatives should be undertaken, and some encouragement for those of us feeling weary about the state of our world today.

The systemic change piece starts at 15:45!

"What is the social enterprise/philanthropy sector getting wrong? 
Most of the solutions that I'm seeing are not systemic. The ideology has become that you build a product or service, you raise some investment, and you scale it out like a traditional venture. The problem with that is that *social change is not linear.* People need to think a lot bigger about 'how do you actually change an entire sector.'" (Listen to the podcast for the "how.")

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Nilima Achwal