Transforming our world means changing our systems.

nilima achwal


It's time to re-design and re-build the world. 

Things are shifting, breaking down, and getting destroyed. Can you feel it? Every industry, structure, and system as we know it, is undergoing a radical transformation, as Earth prepares itself for an entirely new way of functioning. 

In 20 years, nothing is going to be the same. 

It will be up to us to build new systems that support ourselves, our values, and the world.



I've led social innovation work across North and South America, Asia, and Africa, and one thing is certain: our world cannot change unless we fundamentally change the systems upon which it was built.

Right now, all of our structures and systems are being called into question as our world goes through a radical shift. At the moment, it feels like destruction. In 20 years, it will be a re-birth. 

I have dedicated my life to identifying the systemic roots of our social problems - in sectors as diverse as finance, gender equality, and education - and innovating solutions that can result in sweeping, transformational change

At the product level. At the company level. At a sectoral and cross-sectoral level. We need to expand our thinking and envision the beautifully re-aligned New World that we will inherit. Then we can re-design all of our current components.

Let's get started in building our New World, already.